I considered adding AI to the title to buzz even more, but I refrained.

According to https://mcfunley.com/choose-boring-technology you have a quota on how many new things you can try at once in a project. This demo has as much respect for quotas as a Russian fishing vessel, and has nothing…

Sorry for necroing, but i would probably solve this by writing directly to the many-to-many table


|> MyApp.Contex.UserCompanies.changeset(%{company_id: exsisting_company_id, user_id: existing_user_id})

|> MyApp.Repo.insert!

Is there any reason this won't work?

Aksel Stadler Kjetså

A norwegian SW-dev with a MSc in mathematics/robotics. I’m working at Dignio , a remote care startup. My greatest achievement is taking 23 consecutive pull ups.

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